Kris Vallin

Kris Vallin is a Success & Mindset Coach who believes that anything is possible with the right mindset and the right support.

She brings warmth, caring and an extraordinary ability to see the patterns of fears and limiting beliefs that had kept her success seeking clients limited in their money, personal power and their lives. Kris delivers transformation which champions success on all levels and clears inner blocks to wealth.

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After growing up in a small business environment, Kris set out to set the world on fire with Marketing, Accounting and Information Systems in the big city. Although successful at each job she encountered, she felt like there had to be more to life. She  launched a non-profit trying to fill the void that the business community could not fill - that personal connection with great purpose. She spent the last two decades as a Mom, domestic engineer and compulsive volunteer adding to her joy of helping others. Little did she know that her background as a CPA and, ironically, a focus on money, would be the launching pad for doing her life’s passion: helping people—not by crunching numbers or the technical side of business, but by helping people to clear their inner blocks - their inner blocks to money, wealth and success.

Kris draws on her varied educational and experiential backgrounds to bring her crazy right-on intuition and laser focused intention of your success to coaching. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a MBA in Accounting and Information Systems from University of Colorado at Boulder. She holds a certification as a Tapping Into Wealth Coach and is also a PSYCH-K Facilitator and a PSYCH-K Health and Well-Being Facilitator.